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USA Extends Visitor Visa Validity to 5 Years For Nigerians


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The United States of America has announced that with effect from March 1, 2023, it will extend visitor visa validity from 24 months to 60 for Nigerians who want to enter the country temporarily for business and/or tourism.

Based on the statement made by the US Ambassador to Nigeria, the visa validity extension allows Nigerians to use the visa for 60 (5 years) months to make short trips to the United States for tourism or business purposes before having to renew their visa.

The embassy issues two types of visas for the purposes stated above.

The two types of visas explained.

The two types of Visitor Visas issued by the United States Embassy/Consulate are B1 and B2. The B1 and B2 visas are both non-immigrant visas that allow foreign nationals to enter the United States temporarily for business or pleasure, respectively.

B1 Visa: Business Visitors

The B1 visa is for those who need to travel to the United States for business purposes. The types of activities allowed on a B1 visa include attending business meetings, negotiating contracts, consulting with business associates, and attending conferences and seminars.

It’s important to note that the B1 visa does not allow individuals to engage in employment or work for a U.S. company, nor does it permit the individual to earn income in the U.S.

B2 Visa: Tourist Visitors

The B2 visa is for individuals who wish to enter the United States for tourism or other non-business purposes, such as visiting friends and family, or participating in social events or cultural activities. The B2 visa is also available for medical treatment or to accompany a family member who is receiving medical treatment in the U.S.

It’s important to note that individuals with a B2 visa are not permitted to engage in employment or study while in the United States.

B1/B2 Visa: Combination of Business and Tourism

Some individuals may require a combination of business and tourist activities while in the U.S. In such cases, a B1/B2 visa may be appropriate. This visa allows for both business and tourist activities, but again, does not permit employment or work for a U.S. company.

Application Process

The application process for a B1 or B2 visa involves submitting a completed application, paying the visa application fee, attending an interview at a U.S. embassy or consulate, and providing supporting documents such as a passport, travel itinerary, and evidence of financial support.

The duration of stay on a B1 or B2 visa varies, but typically ranges from six months to one year. For Nigerians, this will now go up to 5 years. It’s important to note that a B1 or B2 visa does not guarantee entry into the United States – the final decision is made by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer upon arrival in the U.S.

For details about other types of US visas, click here.

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