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Culture Shock, Adapting To A New Way Of Life


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Culture shock is a feeling of disorientation, confusion, and anxiety that people experience when they are exposed to a culture that is unfamiliar to them. It is a natural response to the unfamiliar customs, norms, values, and behaviors that are prevalent in a new culture. Culture shock can be caused by a range of factors, such as differences in language, food, social customs, religion, values, and traditions.

The intensity and duration of culture shock can vary widely, but it usually involves a period of adjustment as the person learns to navigate the new culture and adapt to its norms and practices. Some people experience culture shock more severely than others, and some may not experience it at all. However, for many people, culture shock is an essential part of the process of adapting to a new culture and can ultimately lead to personal growth and a deeper understanding of other cultures.

Coping with “culture shock” is one of the prevalent difficulties encountered by international students. Many international students find it difficult to adjust to the culture of their host country, so we are here to help you deal with culture shock and make the most of your experience abroad.

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